"Wow! I never knew how involved this could be"



Thank you for all your hard work. This was a challenging project and I certainly learned a lot. The house looks great! Now I can look forward to fixing up my porch and gardens.

Sincerely Kathy Mooney

“To Potential Stratos Painting Company customers"

I highly recommend Stratos Painting Company for any exterior painting project. They provide a multi-page quotation on which every aspect of the expected work, including equipment set up, labor, paint, painting supplies, etc. is detailed. Jason meets with you to thoroughly review the quote. This prevents any misunderstandings as the project goes forward. Constant communication is a hallmark of their customer service. If Jason and his team discover any issues of concern, including those not specifically related to painting such as roofing, foundation, windows or chimney they bring it to your attention and recommend contractors to address the issue(s).

I've hesitated in getting any other quotes for a variety of reasons, one of which is, as I mentioned, Barb highly recommends you... and I like the detail that will be put into the job.  I've not encountered any other painters in the past who have ever explained their work as you have. Having said that , I guess it's no surprise then that I'd like you to put me on your schedule for September. 

Thank you!

"You Won't Get What You Pay For!"

I found that this is the only company that I've researched where "You Won't Get What You Pay For!" - In-fact you get much more than you pay for ! 

In this day and age it's hard to believe that a company will provide so much additional time and effort in their work without billing you for it. Small carpentry issues, "additional accent painting", "additional coats", "caulking", and "window glazing" are just to name a few. 

The Stratos Painting Company is extremely proud of their work which reflects in the excellence of the finished project. My home looks years younger and is now a showcase due to the work of Stratos Painting.”

Barbara Krawczyk



Hi Jason,

Thank you for being so thorough last evening in your review of the painting required on my house.  And even though it's going to cost almost twice as much as I had initially anticipated, I can understand the reason(s).  I do want someone who will provide quality work which I hope can last me for quite a few more years.

This company is truly focused on providing great quality and service for their clients, and go far beyond what is typically expected from a contractor. This is why I so highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality work, and not just a quick paint job. They add a whole new meaning to "You Won't Get What You Pay For!"

Kevin Doyle